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Pipetting aids for pasture pipettes

Pipetting aids for pasture pipettes

Ideal for use in confined spaces such as laminar flow hoods, this pipetting device converts any standard laboratory pipet into a hand-operated dispenser.


  • Two Precision Valves for Effortless Control of Fluid Level in Pipet
  • Biohazard Filter Kit Filters Both Vacuum and Pressure Lines
  • Nosepiece Helps Eliminate Cross Contamination
  • Replaceable Check Valve
  • Device Withstands Ordinary Laboratory Reagents


This pipetting device accepts a range of standard glass and plastic pipets from one to 100 mL and withstands ordinary laboratory reagents.


The dual-filter Pipet-Aid Biohazard Filter Kit filters both vacuum and pressure lines with a retention efficiency of 99.9999+% for 0.1 µm particles and droplets. It’s available factory installed with the Pipet-Aid or separately for attachment to existing unfiltered Pipet-Aid pumps. A locking tissue-culture nosepiece helps eliminate cross contamination due to over pipetting. The nosepiece incorporates a dual-hydrophilic and hydrophobic 0.8 µm filter that provides a barrier to 0.1 µm particles. It prevents further use once contaminated by fluid. Work can be rapidly resumed following filter replacement and nosepiece decontamination.


The Drummond Pipet-Aid® incorporates two precision valves for effortless control of fluid level in the pipet. The replaceable check valve prevents fluid from entering the handle, which, along with the hose, is autoclavable. The long-lasting pump features quiet operation.


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