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Swab Test Kit


Insanitary Container and hands are the factors that cause digestive diseases or gastrointestinal disease. A swab test kit for the cleanliness of food containers and hand has developed by BQSF for the purpose to check the cleanliness of utensils and hands apart from the laboratory.

Swab Test Kit: Welcome
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Swab Test Kit for Coliform Bacteria

The innovation of putting a Durham tube into every reagent bottle to speech indication of coliform bacteria.

  • Food containers, chopping boards, plates, food handling utensils such as cutlery, chopsticks, cups, food, and food handlers' hands. If pathogens are mixed, it can cause gastrointestinal disease or food poisoning The contamination was investigated by the field SI-Medium Coliform Bacteria Test Kit invented by the Department of Health. This is a simple-to-follow test, results can be seen within 17 to 24 hours

Swab Test Kit for Food Containers and Hands Cleanliness

  • Observing, bewaring, and reducing the risk of bacterial contamination which leads to gastrointestinal disease or food poisoning.

Swab Test Kit for Water and Ice Cleanliness

  • Observe the contaminated water and ice to make a decision. The sample is collected from water and ice which are considered for consumption.


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