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Distilled Water


Water is evaporated into steam and condensed back into water by the boiling process. Pure distilled water is clean and non-contaminated. 
In addition, the purity of distilled water includes pH and conductivity. The conductivity of water is varied with its impurities. Therefore, conductivity can be used as an indicator of water purity.

Better Syndicate Co., Ltd. has been a leader in producing distilled water for nearly 20 years. By using up-to-dated machines with the best procedures. It is developed by the specialist to get the purest distilled water including quality control and inspection.

Differences between common and our distilled water


  • Electrical conductivity: not exceeding 4.3 µs /cm.

  • Purity: Good

  • Contamination: Contaminated

  • Process: through resin filter by H+ and OH-

BSC Distilled water Specification

  • Electrical conductivity: not exceeding 1.5 µs /cm. at 25° C

  • Electrical Resistivity: exceeding 0.7 MΩ x cm at 25° C

  • Hardness: nil

  • pH: 6.5 ± 1

  • Heavy Metal: nil

  • Volume: 5.5 Liters

  • Purity: Excellent

  • Contamination: Non-contaminated

  • Process: heated and condensed

The proper way to use distilled water

  • Analysis and laboratory work​

  • Control quality

  • Food cultivate preparation

  • Metal plating

  • Canned food industries

  • Textile industries

  • Jewelry industries

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • Plating industries

  • Pulp culture industries

  • Suitable for steam iron

  • Humidity in oxygen concentrator 


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