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The microscope distribution center cooperates with our high-performance partner "OPTIKA" from abroad. Our microscopes are suitable for general research labs. There are many models to choose to depend on the user's purposes with 1-year after-sales services for every product. For example, B-159, B-192PL, B-193PL, SLX-2, SLX-3, and USB Camera C-B3.

OPTIKA Microscope Distribution Center

Microscope Type

The stereoscopic microscope is a microscope with a composite lens that illustrates in 3D to observe large objects that cannot be distinguished by the bared eye, unlike other high magnification microscopes.

  1. The image is a large virtual image in 3D with the same appearance and direction alike an object.

  2. The objective lens has a magnification of less than 10X.

  3. The distance from the objective lens to the object is 63-223 mm.

  4. It can be used to study both opaque and thin transparent objects. It is suitable for studying the composition of living organisms and for surgery.

  5. A light emission system is used to view opaque objects.

  6. The light transmission system is used to view transparent objects.


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Authorization for the distribution of OPTIKA products

Light Microscope (L.M.) uses visible light as an illuminator which can be divided into two types:

  1. A simple microscope consists of only one convex lens.The objective is to make the clear picture by enlarging. The resulting image is a virtual image. It is important that the subject is far from the lens less than the focal length of the lens.

  2. Compound microscope is a microscope that has two magnification times, consisting of two sets of lenses:

    • There are several objective lenses with different magnifications, possibly 10x, 40x, or 100x.These lens produce an inverted image that is larger than the subject.

    • The eyepiece is the lens on the top of the camera. These lens magnify the taken image from the objective lens. The resulting image will be an inverted and enlarged image. As for the magnification of the eye piece, it can generally be 10x or 15x.

Components of Compound Microscope

  1.  Base (Base): Set the camera and served the entire weight of the microscope.

  2. Body (Body): Link between the eyepiece and the objective lens. Preventing interference from external light.

  3. Arm (Arm): Hold the barrel and the base together which is used for moving the microscope.

  4. Specimen stage: A platform for the sample slides. It looks like a square platform in the center with a hole allowing the beam from the lamp to pass through the object. The stage can be moved upward and downward.

  5. Coarse adjustment: A large button which used to adjust the image distance.

  6. Fine adjustment: A small button which used to adjust the image clearness.

  7. Objective lens: Lens which are magnified the image near the object with 3 different magnifications:

    • Low power objective lens, magnification 4X, 10X

    • 40X high power objective lens

    • 100X Oil Immersion objective lens

    • The image produced by the objective lens will be true upside down.

  8. Ocular lens: Enlarge the taken image from the objective lens. The resulting image will be a virtual inverted image.

  9. Revolving nosepiece: Rotates when changing the magnification of the objective lens.

  10. Condenser: Concentrate the light intensity to send to the object located underneath the platform.

  11. Light source: A lamp that allows light to pass through an object.

  12. Iris diaphragm: Adjusts the required amount of light which entering the lens located underneath the collective lens


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